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Whenever people need people… this is where we come in. Because your well-being is our first priority. Our website gives a comprehensive overview of what legal guardianship entails. You can also obtain information, with no commitment on your part, over tea or coffee in our office.

Would you like to seek out a legal guardian for yourself?


You just need to nominate your desired legal guardian to the court. Your wishes are of great significance when it comes to selecting the legal guardian concerned. Nominate to the court a legal guardian who is willing and able to take up the task concerned, and the court is then bound under the terms of article 1897, sect. 4 of the German Civil Code (BGB). The relationship of trust between you and your legal guardian is of great significance in the context of legal guradianship caring. For this reason it is advisable to contact a legal guardian before applying for the corresponding assistance.

You will not be deprived of any of your rights

You ensure, by appointing a legal guardian, that your right of decision remains intact. The appointment of a legal guardian does not affect your statutory legal capacity to act on your own behalf. Your capacity in this respect will be assessed independently of any statutory care. We ensure, when supplying care, that you receive the right level of protection coupled with the greatest possible degree of self-determination. Your well-being is our first priority.

We are there to help.

The district or suburb of Berlin where you live is quite immaterial. We provide care for people in all of Berlin’s districts and suburbs. We would be very happy to arrange a personal conversation so that we can get to know each other. Just call us on +49-30-220 526 36 to arrange an appointment.