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Our assistance is designed to preserve your independence and help you retake control of your day-to-day existence, in such a way that allows you to live without constant supervision.

Your well-being is the main aim of all the tasks that we perform, and we carry them out with this objective in mind at all times.

Personal contact between us is therefore a key part of ensuring that we know what your wishes and interests are, so that we can act in your interests in this respect. We set great store by discussing all important decisions with you previously.

We would be pleased to inform you personally of what the legal guardian’s role entails. Just call us on +49-30-220 526 36.

Read on for a description of the various sets of tasks that legal guardians are most likely to perform in actual practice.

Depending on your situation and needs, the court of guardianship will transfer certain duties to your legal  guardian, but only to the extent strictly necessary to ensure that this will provide the assistance actually required.

The guardian acts as your legal guardian representative when carrying out this set of tasks.

We support you, in the context of these assigned tasks, by organising the assistance that you need and by representing your interests.

For as long as you continue to understand the nature, extent and scope of any proposed medical intervention, and are able to express your desires in this respect, your agreement will be required for any such medical intervention. Your legal guardian will take a decision regarding proposed medical intervention, after sufficient consultation with a doctor, only if you lack a natural ability to understand the issues involved. Our decision in this respect would then be based on what we assume your wishes to be, meaning that we would tackle the question in the same manner as you yourself would. Your well-being, your interests and your wishes are all of great significance in this respect. It is for this reason that a personal meeting with you is so important.

There are nevertheless sometimes situations where deterioration in health is such that the person concerned can no longer express his or her wishes, and it is in these circumstances that decisions will be based on presumed desires. If you have already expressed these specifically and in writing in a so-called “living will”, this will be of great help to the legal guardian when determining what your wishes are.

The activities performed by the legal guardian in the context of attention to health may include such tasks as:

  • Clarification of health insurance issues
  • Ensuring the availability of medical care / choice of doctor
  • Organising possible hospitalisation
  • Organising means of assistance
  • Organising outpatient care
  • Initiation of and consent to medical interventions

We assist you, when performing this set of tasks, with issues relating to your housing situation. Perhaps you would like to move to another property, as your current accommodation does not meet your needs as a result of medical issues. There are many situations that can give rise to a need to move house. We will be pleased to assist you in obtaining your new home and arranging the corresponding move.

Perhaps your accommodation is in jeopardy due to rent arrears. It is part of our legal care worker role to help you to settle your rent arrears and avoid an eviction order.

This set of tasks also includes such activities as applications for a subsidised-housing entitlement certificate (Wohnberechtigungsschein) or housing support, which we will be pleased to help arrange as part of our legal-care role.

Debt is often a major, distressing issue for our clients. Perhaps you have taken on short- or long-term credit to finance the purchase of consumer goods, in the confidence that your regular income would see you through, only for a decisive life-changing event or stroke of fate to leave you with insufficient monthly income to meet your commitments. We will be pleased in such cases to help you manage your debt and put your finances in order.

This set of tasks allows us to assist you with such financial matters as:

  • The claiming of benefits (e.g. ALG I and ALG II pension claims, social assistance, basic old-age pension and disability benefits, health and home care benefits, etc.)
  • Cost subsidies for benefits such as nursing home care, therapeutic living groups or day centre attendance
  • Payment of key services such as rent, electricity, gas and insurance
  • Debt management
  • Management of your bank giro account
  • Management of your property and assets

The German constitution provides special protection for the secrecy of your post and telecommunications. It is for this reason that we bring up the set of tasks concerned, as they must be explicitly mentioned in any court decision. This involves authorising the legal guardian to monitor, open and retain your post, and depending on its nature, hand it over to you or not.

This set of tasks is already covered by the areas of healthcare, care of assets and housing and accommodation. We nevertheless refer to it once more in an effort to close any gaps in the corresponding legal guardianship.


As part of the set of tasks relating to place of residence, we help you with your choice of accommodation and assist you with any intended move into, for example, a care home.

We also assess, as part of this role, whether hospitalisation of any kind is required.

Your well-being is likewise the top priority in this respect. It is important that we know what your wishes and needs are in this respect, so that we can proceed accordingly on your behalf. Conversations with you on the subject are therefore of great significance. Our assistance in the context of legal guardianship is of particular importance if your condition reaches a stage where you can no longer take your own decisions. However, even if you may eventually no longer be able to make your own decisions, it is important that we fully discuss all the major issues with you in advance.

A change of residence may sometimes be rendered unnecessary by setting up an outpatient or home help package, or a programme of single assisted living. In other cases, relocation to suitable accommodation such as a therapeutic living group or care facility cannot be avoided.

We know Berlin’s care network inside out, and will be pleased to assist you in your choice of accommodation, facilitate your admittance to an establishment and help you when it comes to organising the actual move.