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Our areas of specialisation

Our experience means benefits for you

We are specialists in the legal guardianship of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and inter-gender persons, along with LGBTI*Q refugees and disabled persons diagnosed with HIV/hepatitis C.

Lesbian, gay and bisexual

We have personal experience of gay/lesbian lifestyles, and are familiar with the specific situations and characteristic aspects of this subculture. This leaves us well-placed to represent your interests.

Trans and inter-gender persons

You will be accepted as you are. Do you too suffer from an environment of frequent discrimination and insecurity? Would you like access to a safe space? Effort is made to provide care that creates a protected environment, which respects you as an individual and also deals with your specific situation.

Persons diagnosed with HIV and hepatitis C

We have a great amount of expertise at our disposal concerning HIV and hepatitis C.

LGBTI-Q refugees

LGBTI-Q refugees are in particular need of protection. Along with experiences such as war, flight, (sexual) violence and displacement, they often also suffer discrimination and from being stigmatised due to their sexual identity or orientation.